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We pour ourselves into these works and we greatly appreciate your interest in Dimension comics. The best way you could show your support is by backing our Kickstarter, supporting our Patreon, and helping us garner a following of fans. With you support we hope to one day bring these works to even more people!


Jay and Johnie teamed-up in 2019 to bolster their commitment to self-publishing, bucking the norm, and introducing all-new concepts. Both have a penchant for world-building and story-telling and have a mission to bring wonder and new content to the world of comics independently.


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Jay Gillespie

Jay is the frontman of Dimension Comics and has been the sole creator of Severed Souls. He currently has a second title called Meanstreak coming out very soon.

Johnie Busa

Johnie currently writes and flats for The Journal. He is an enthusiastic storyteller with a passion for a good plot twist and conspiracy theory.

John Hawkins

John studied Fine Arts at Purdue University focusing on Drawing and Illustration. Currently he pencils, inks, and colors for The Journal.

Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19 Dimension comics is not appearing at any events at the moment. Please check back regularly to see when we will be out and about agian, we cant wait to see you!

No upcoming events at the moment
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