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We pour ourselves into these works and we greatly appreciate your interest in Dimension comics. The best way you could show your support is by backing our Kickstarters, supporting our Patreon, and helping us garner a following of fans. With your support we hope to one day bring these works to even more people!


Written By: Jay Gillespie | Art By: Jay Gillespie
"Severed Souls explains that Supernatural gifts are attributable to the age of a person's soul. The older the soul, the more powerful the gift. And because they have Souls that have lived many times in the past, each character has back stories that tie-in to ancient historical events, folklore, or even mythology. Many of these past events have consequences catching-up to characters in the modern-day story.


Written By: Johnie Busa | Art By: John Hawkins

This action-based comic book series is heavily influenced by vampire and werewolf lore, along with a post-apocalyptic government conspiracy. It depicts a high ranking officer of a global government, George Ruthven, uncovering and trying to reveal how the government has been conspiring against its people in order to maintain the elite members of society's agenda.

MEANSTREAK Masthead.png


Written By: Jay Gillespie
Scattered like debris from the post-war solar system, former AI-controlled super-soldiers have awakened. Rising from the ashes of war to fill the void, the mysterious Yxhom conduct seek-and-destroy missions against the rudderless and highly dangerous cyborgs. Primarily solo operators, leaving rebellious destruction in their wake, they're easy targets for the Yxhom. Except for one. One who builds a ship, and a team, from scrap. Rogue cyborgs, dangerous AI, and interdimensional gateways are only the start for The Meanstreak. 


Due to Covid-19 Dimension comics is not appearing at any events at the moment. Please check back regularly to see when we will be out and about agian, we cant wait to see you!

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