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A Huge 'Thank You' and Sneak Peek into Our Comic Chaos for 2024!

We here at Dimension Comics just wanted to shoot you a quick thanks for making 2023 a total blast for us! Your support for Severed Souls, our art, The Journal, and The Matriarch blew our minds.

As we chill for some holiday R&R with our family and friends, we want you to know that we are not sleeping behind the scenes. We're creating and finalizing some big things for Severed Souls, The Matriarch, and shows to kick off 2024 with a bang!

Big things are coming in 2024!

We're gearing up to rock the year with fresh stories, wild strategies, and maybe a bit of chaos. Plus, we're hitting the road, popping up at comic book shindigs all over the U.S. – bringing our storytelling passion to a convention near you. We're not just a publisher; we're a creative tornado, and we can't wait to share the ride with you!

Oh, and speaking of wild rides, check out the latest episode by Johnie Busa and Nico Rodriguez: "New Super Hero Toilet Sanitation." Ben and Patrick are in for a shock when the thunder god throws a prank into their routine. It's all fun and games until sanitation duties collide with divine mischief.

Stay awesome, and catch you on the flip side!


The Dimension Comics Crew


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