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Art, Progress, and Toilets

Fresh Art

Jay has been pouring his heart into crafting some amazing original art for his fans and Patreon supporters – it's dedication like you wouldn't believe! Check out some of his more recent creations and remember you can support his art on his Patreon page or by seeing him live at a convention.


Still Workin' Hard

Jay is not only creating more art, but he is also meticulously bringing the epic saga of "Severed Souls" to its conclusion. Meanwhile, Johnie is working to give life to the first issue of "The Matriarch," a sci-fi action-adventure tale. And let’s not forget that John Hawkins and Johnie are also collaborating seamlessly to unveil the third issue of "The Journal." Make sure you stay tuned for updates on when each of these issues comes out.


Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation

Now it is time to embark on another hilariously heroic journey with "Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation #2" as it picks up from last month's post. We now find our brave crew getting ready to pop open their first toilet, only to stumble upon an unexpected surprise.



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