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BIG SALE! And more news for 2024

Hello all, yes check out our website for a huge sale going on to ring in the new year! We were featured on Comics Price Guide so we wanted to run a promo and celebrate! (Special thanks to Ron!)

Next up, WE'RE OFF TO MEGACON!!! That's right, we're excited to be accepted to Artist Alley at Megacon Orlando this year, February 1 - 4, 2024. We will be at table AA169! Conventions are filling up for 2024 already and we're excited about this coming year!

We're also hard at work on 2 upcoming Kickstarters. Johnie will be rolling out his KS for "The Matriarch" slated for February and we'll also be doing our first KS for "Severed Souls" currently in the works for March 2024 for a Special Edition release of issues #1 - 3 both as single issues and as a 3 issue perfect bound trade paperback.

There's more:

Pablo Villalobos will be doing a variant cover for Issue #1

Tehani Farr will be doing a Tyria cover for Issue #2

Dave Dorman is slated for a cover on Issue #3

In the meantime, I'm hard at work to finish issue #12 and finally conclude Series One of Severed Souls. (It's only been 8 years!!) STAY TUNED!



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