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Comicpalooza Here We Come!

We are beyond excited to be back at Comicpalooza this year. We have a great booth, and the show is shaping up to be something special. More than that it's just overall an amazing feeling to get back to some normalcy on the convention side of things. We keep trucking away behind the scenes, but without fan interaction and meeting new people it's just not the same. We hope to see many of you local fans of Dimension Comics out there!

What’s new?!?

A lot of big things are happening with Dimension Comics and The Journal. We have been working ridiculously hard to get issue 2 done and ready for you guys. The issue is front-loaded with tons of action so we are sure you will be hooked as soon as you open the book. If you have already read issue 1 you may recall we left off with George being in a bit of a predicament, having to choose between his pack and his mission. If you haven't read Issue 1, what are you waiting for?

With the introduction of a web store last month, we have gotten a few requests for other things to sell you guys. So we have decided to start with shirts at Comicpalooza. If you can’t make it to Comicpalooza – check the web store around July 16th and you can pick one up there. If you have not yet signed up for The Journal updates over at go ahead and do that now, we will announce when the shirts are ready for order over on that mailing list.

Another thing that is in the works for Comicpalooza is an exclusive preview print of issue 2. This will be a lot like issue 0, where it only has the first few pages completed and then a few unfinished pages. We are going to print a limited number of these and once they are gone, they will never be printed again. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these please email asking for details on how to get one.

More Progress Art!

We wanted to share with you guys a new set of pencils from John Hawkins for The Journal. John has been working his butt off on these first few pages and taking on some sizable panels. If you follow The Journal on Facebook or follow John Hawkins on Instagram, you may have seen some of his panels being teased.


Don’t forget that Dimension Comics will be out at ComicPalooza next month and as always feel free to reach out to us via email We love to hear from the fans.



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