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Upcoming Featured Guest of Dimension Comics: Pablo Villalobos (Lobos)

Lobos At BCCC

Comic book enthusiasts and fans of exceptional artistry, mark your calendars for an extraordinary event at the Bell County Comic Con on August 5th and 6th! We are thrilled to announce that the super-talented artist, Pablo Villalobos (also known as Lobos), will be making a special guest appearance.

Pablo Villalobos has worked with Marvel and DC. His artwork has graced the covers of various comic books, including the guest cover for Severed Souls issue #10. Fans attending the event will have the incredible opportunity to meet this artistic genius and get their copies signed by both Jay and Lobos.


Introducing "The Matriarch" - A Gripping Sci-Fi Action Story

As comic book lovers, we understand the thrill of diving into new universes and captivating storylines. That's why we are excited to unveil Johnnie’s latest project, "The Matriarch," alongside "The Journal" issue 3, which is still in production. "The Matriarch" takes place in a universe controlled by an entity that has enslaved and traded humans for centuries, amassing immense wealth and power.

The story revolves around Alishia, a strong-willed protagonist seeking revenge against those responsible for destroying her family's life. Prepare yourselves for high-stakes action, a relentless quest for justice, and an inspiring journey of empowerment as Alishia challenges the tyrannical regime of The Matriarch. To get a sneak peek of this thrilling new book, be sure to drop by our booth at the Bell County Comic Con.



INTRODUCING: Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation

Ever wondered about the mundane aspects of superheroes' lives? Inspired by an innocent question from a curious 7-year-old, "Where does Spider-Man use the bathroom?", we present to you "Super hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation." In this hilarious and clean comic book series, we follow a day in the life of the team responsible for cleaning up after our beloved superheroes.

Imagine a world with hidden porta-potties scattered throughout the city, providing superheroes with the privacy they need. We will be releasing one page per month right here on our website, giving you a glimpse into the humorous and quirky adventures of this unique team. For fans who want a more in-depth and uncensored version, we will be offering an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) compilation of the full story for sale once it's completed.


So, join us in celebrating the artistry of Pablo Villalobos, the unveiling of "The Matriarch," and the laughter-inducing "Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation" at the Bell County Comic Con. As always, feel free to email us at and let us know what you think! We love to hear from the fans.



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