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Our Dimension Comics online store is UP!!

By popular demand from the supporters we see out at the shows; we have books, prints, and more for sale online. We can officially receive and send orders to nearly anywhere in the USA. If you or anyone you know is curious about the books or would like any art prints, there's a place they can go now - AND, be sure to tell them that it's always a better deal to become a Patreon, or to see us at Comic-Con. Go see what we got!


Upcoming Shows

Superhero Comic Con and Car Show (July 7th - 9th)

Corpus Christi Comic Con (July 28th - 30th)

Bell County Comic Con (August 5th - 6th)

Eastern Rim Funny Book & Vintage Con (August 19th - 20th)

GalaxyCon Austin (Sept 1 - 3)

Giganticon (Sept 30 - Oct 1)

Big Texas Comic Con (October 6 - 8)

Bangor Comic and Toy Con (October 13th - 15th)

H-Town Comic Con (October 20 - 22)

Comic Indie Con (December 2nd)


As always, feel free to email us at and let us know what you think! We love to hear from the fans.



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