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Meanstreak Cover art

So... This took a bit. Had to work-out the designs for both Ravel and the Meanstreak. I really want to out-do my latest work and try to pull what's in my head down on "paper" the way I intend and not just close-enough... So many designs were trashed before finally feeling pretty good about this one (for both)... and things are sure to evolve anyway. Meanstreak definitely has a brighter color scheme than I would give Severed Souls. That would be more muted. I'll have to get this book going with 8-10 pages and then seek an artist to continue. I've already taken too much time from SS, so I'll need to get back to that ASAP. Can't draw 2 books at once but that would be nice. 

Hope everyone is well and SAFE! 

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