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Dimension Comics has teamed up with The Geeky Patriot himself, Brian Salinas, to bring to life this story about a government lab rat who jumps between realities! Brain first introduced SUNDOG to the world 30 years ago and now he is ready to finish it with this graphic novel. The project is already fully funded on Kickstarter, but the more backers he gets, the more pages he adds to the story!


Severed Souls

Jay Gillespie is back at it and getting work put into completed Issue 11 of Severed Souls. Not only has he been putting in work for Severed Souls but in the past few weeks, he has also been creating some amazing artwork and putting in the time to get commissions out to his loyal Patreon fans. If you don’t already support Jay – check it out here.


The Journal

Johnie has invested some of his time into side projects, and John has been getting his feet wet with some conventions. Neither of them has stopped trucking away at creating Issue #3 of The Journal. Hopefully, by the first show of 2023, we can have a preview of Issue #3 of The Journal ready to go. Issue #3 is a special one because it will release with a spin-off short story that takes place around the same timeline as Issue #4 of The Journal and follows a man into one of the most crime-ridden places in the world. All of this is just to get retribution for a widow who has nothing left to hold on to.


Upcoming Shows

COWTOWN COMIC CON - October 22nd and 23rd

If you're in the Fort Worth area you can meet the creator of SUNDOG and see what Jay has been cooking up. Cow Town is dedicated to bringing comic book fans more than just a celebrity show. As fans, they want to showcase the artists and comic creators that are helping to shape the comic industry.


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