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Quick Updates

Behind The Scenes

Things may seem a bit quiet on our side but trust us when we say it's because we have big things going on behind the scenes. Severed Souls has big updates in the works, Issue 2 of The Journal is getting closer to being finished and with that, the next Kickstarter will soon be announced! Not on the docket is the Big Texas Comicon in San Antonio. Jay will be there with his super awesome Darth Talon print, Severed Souls, and a handful of other goodies you won't want to miss out on.

The Journal Update

We have been working on the plans for the next Kickstarter that will be announced in the coming weeks. This time we plan on having some special reward tiers that will be of very limited stock, so make sure you keep your eyes open for the launch. John Hawkins has been chipping away at issue 2 while also moving cross country, which is no easy feat.


As we said, there is so much happening right now behind the scenes that we can’t spend much more time writing this blog post. As you already know, we love to hear from the fans, so drop us a line at



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