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Shopping, Art, and Webbing

Dimension Comics Online Store

Couldn't make it out to a show, but still want some awesome goodies from Dimension Comics? No problem! Dimension Comics has you covered with our online shop! Our online shop is your ticket to the Dimension Comics universe and original Art. So why wait? visit our shop it's just a click away!


Getting back to basics

Jay Gillispie, the talented artist known for Severed Souls and being the face of Dimension Comics, has been getting back to the basics with some traditional coloring techniques in his artwork. In an era where digital art dominates, Jay has been pushing to revisit traditional coloring methods, and it's really a breath of fresh air. This departure from the digital allows the art to possess a tactile and organic quality. Go check it out on our social media accounts, Instagram or Facebook to take a look at what he has been up to lately.


Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation #3

In the latest installment of "Super Hero Incognito Toilet Sanitation," Ben and Patrick, our intrepid janitors, are tasked with cleaning the rooftop bathroom, exclusively used by none other than the mischievous Arachnid Teen!



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