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The Journal - Now in print!

The Journal Issue #1 made its public print debut this month at Space Cadets Collection. The amount of support the owner Jen King showed Dimension Comics is out of this world! If you are a Houston local – seriously go check her shop out. Actually, with her Facebook live events, it doesn’t matter where you are… So, I revise my previous statement – No matter where you are in the United States, check out Space Cadets!


Since getting the physical book in people’s hands I have received several requests on where other people may get a copy. In response to this, I have opened a Bonanza Booth and I do plan on adding more Journal related items to the booth in time. This will allow me to sell the books and prints to anyone in the world. If you already own a copy of the book and you like it, share the booth with family and friends – I will ship it nearly anywhere in the world.


I have also gotten a lot of inquiries into when Issue #2 will be ready. John and I are working diligently on the next issue, and we are nearing the end of the first 10 pages of art with the first 5 pages being fully done. At this rate, we expect to be completed by November if no major setbacks arise. Once we get closer to the end you can bet, we will launch another Kickstarter and notify all our past subscribers first! If you want to see some of the artwork as it's worked on – Follow John Hawkins over on Instagram, from time to time he shares out his projects.

Also, don’t forget that Dimension Comics will be out at ComicPalooza in July! We look forward to seeing everyone out there.

Thanks for the read, and as always feel free to reach out to us via email and let us know what you think! We love to hear from the fans.



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