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Upcoming Kickstarter

Upcoming Kickstarter for The Journal

The Journal Issue #2 Kickstarter is going live on November 1st and will run until

November 30th. This is the second Kickstarter for The Journal and the first campaign was a massive success last year. This campaign will help finish Issue #2 and start Issue #3. For this campaign, we have big rewards including an exclusive tier that will have you drawn into issue #3 as a pivotal character to that issue. This is limited to only 3 backers… so you’ll need to act fast on it. Also, the first and last backer we get will receive a sketch by John Hawkins mailed to their address once the campaign is finalized. Moreover, our stretch goals will be based on the number of backers received and include variant covers for Issue #2. So in summation – be sure to sign up to be notified when the campaign launches, that way you can get your custom sketch and the chance to get drawn into Issue #3.

Progress on Severed Souls

Only a handful of pages left to complete on Severed Souls #10. If you did not already know this, you can get updates on the progress Jay is making on Severed Souls over on Patreon. On top of nearing the end of Issue 10, Jay has a great new editor with a Masters in Publishing and many years of experience in comics and pop culture as a writer and editor helping with revising Severed Souls into a trade paperback. Be sure to stay tuned to know when all these goodies become available!

Next Comiccon

Nov. 19th – 21st, we will be out at Bayou City Con. With guests like John Noble, Bob Hall, and Steve Garcia the show is sure to be pretty awesome. So be sure to come by and check it out!


As we said, there is so much happening right now behind the scenes that we can’t spend much more time writing this blog post. As you already know, we love to hear from the fans, so drop us a line at



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