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The Journal Progress Update

Last month we announced that the first issue was officially ready for print. We were hoping to start selling it at the Houston convention Comicpalooza in May, but they pushed it back to July 17th. Being anxious to share issue 1 with the public in all its 23 pages of printed glory, we have started reaching out to local comic shops asking for support in getting it out there. If you know of a local shop – please let us know by emailing In the meantime, we have stayed diligent in creating issue #2 and its on track to be ready before the end of this year. Look at some of the awesome inks John has completed so far!

Issue 1 left off with a standoff in the courtyard and issue 2 is picking up right where we left off.

What if I want Issue #1 now?

Reach out to us and we will find a way to get it over to you, anywhere in the world! Not to mention we have a handful of Issue #0 and the 11x17 prints we did for the Kickstarter left over but supplies are short.

If you don’t follow @johnboyhawkins on Instagram, you should start because every so often he shares progress on a few of the upcoming pages from issue 2.



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