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Update on Our Issues

Severed Souls Issue 11 Update

Jay Gillespie has been working hard on getting the last two issues of Severed Souls in the can. They are fully scripted and currently, he is about 6 pages deep into the art and lettering of issue 11. On top of that Jay is putting in work for the trade backs of Severed Soul. Re-writing minor things in the first few issues to make It flow better as a trade versus a single issue.

Okay – so you want proof of progress? Well check out these:

The Journal Issue 2 Update

Issue #2 is wrapping as I type this blog. It will be in the hands of all the backers before the end of April and work on #3 will start shortly after. Along with that, the sale of issue 2 will be limited to conventions until all backers are shipped their copies, after that we will post it up on the web store.

Okay – so you want proof of progress here as well? Fine, here it is:

What’s next?

Dimension Comics as a whole is working on some pretty big things with some pretty big people. We can’t start discussing it just yet but suffice it to say that before the end of 2022, Dimension Comics will have big news.

With that, please be sure to stop by any of our booths at these shows to ask us about it!



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